Á ríkið að þvinga fólk til bólusetninga? - Hádegisfundur 8. mars

Dr. Simon Clarke, prófessor í stjórnmálakenningum við American University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia, hélt erindi á vegum Siðfræðistofnunar fimmtudaginn 8. mars í stofu 301 í Gimli kl 12.

Compulsory Vaccination and the Limits of State Intervention

Summary: Vaccination is voluntary in most countries and some people choose not to get themselves or their children vaccinated. This paper examines whether making vaccination compulsory would be justified or an unjustified intrusion into personal freedom. I examine libertarianism, which holds that state actions must be restricted to minimal functions, as the political philosophy most likely to reject compulsory vaccination, and argue that even upon it compulsory vaccination would be justified. Two interpretations of libertarianism are examined, libertarianism as natural rights and as mutual advantage. Careful examination of the principles underlying these view shows that they would accept rather than reject compulsory vaccination.

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