NERRI - Neuro enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation

The project focuses on research and medicine that aim at affecting the human nervous system. The main aim of the project is to hold a public discussion, to enable those who develop new methods for healing in this area to deliberate with the users of such services, monitoring research institutes and the public. Recommendations for ethical framework which such studies should take into account will also be formulated and decisions made on whether specific rules should apply to researches on the human nervous system. The results of the project should therefore be very useful for policy-makers in this field

About 18 organizations in 11 European countries participate in the project which received a grant up to over 3 million euros. Of this amount, 143 thousand euros, is The Center of Ethics share.

You can learn more about NERRI on facebook and you can also follow the project on Twitter.

See also more on the project's website.

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