The purpose of the research is to analyze both the processes that were most prominent in politics and governance until the collapse of the Icelandic banks in 2008 and the social and political crisis that followed.

The Center for Ethics participates in the international research project NERRI (Neuro Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation). The project focuses on research and medicine that aim at affecting the human nervous system.

Dynamic publishing is one of the results of the various research and conferences that have been held on behalf of The Center for Ethics.

The main purpose of the Center is:

  • to strengthen and coordinate ongoing research in ethics at the University of Iceland
  • to promote cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and other researchers in the field of ethics
  • to publishing academic texts, textbooks and present the results of research in ethics
  • to provide information and advice on ethical topics
  • to promote cooperation between departments in favor of interdisciplinary learning
  • to arrange seminars, conferences and lectures on ethics
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